Come by the booth to claim your prizes!  All prizes must be claimed by Saturday at 11 AM.  More winners on FRIDAY!  Check back regularly Joseph Williams, Jen Melandee, Eric Martinez, Diana Natividad, Hepsy Singh, Travor Baimer, Kai Schmidt, Rachelle Lemke, Rey Garcia, Barbara Ryza

CAST 2016 Resources

Resources presented at CAST will be posted on the website. If you attended a session at CAST and want the resources, join our list serve or contact us via email

UTeach Alumni Conference

Dr. Jill Marshall represented TS AAPT at the UTeach Alumni Conference in Austin July 14, 2016.  The conference was designed to help UTeach graduates know about the opportunities available through professional societies. Thank you Jill.


  • Star stuff better tsaapt
    2 months ago Star stuff better  #tsaapt 
  • Life cycle of stars CAST2016 tsaapt
    2 months ago Life cycle of stars  #CAST2016   #tsaapt 
  • Force and Motion workshop by TSAAPT in beautiful San Antoniohellip
    2 months ago Force and Motion workshop by  #TSAAPT  in beautiful San Antonio, TX  #CAST16 
  • STAAR light and dinosaurs TSAAPT
    2 months ago STAAR light and dinosaurs  #TSAAPT 
  • Getting ready for 30 demos in 60 minutes! tsaapt cast2016
    2 months ago Getting ready for 30 demos in 60 minutes!  #tsaapt   #cast2016 
  • Free prizes! If youre at cast2016 come see tsaapt!
    2 months ago Free prizes! If you're at  #cast2016  come see  #tsaapt !
  • Demo show center of mass tsaapt
    2 months ago Demo show center of mass  #tsaapt 
  • Planning and eating tsaapt
    2 months ago Planning and eating  #tsaapt 

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