Fall 2018 Workshops and Meeting

The Fall Meeting of TS AAPT is at the University of Houston on October 19 (F) – 20 (Sa).  The meeting is Friday afternoon (& evening) and all day Saturday.  The link for information is http://tsaps.nsm.uh.edu/ Workshops are linked to Fall 2018 Conference. For more … [Read more...]

2017 Summer AAPT Meeting

Sometimes it takes going to another state to see your colleagues!  Several TS AAPT members were spotted at the National AAPT meeting. Were you there?  Congrats to awardee Toni Sauncy for your dedicated service to AAPT and receiving the Homer Dodge Distinguished Citation Award. " … [Read more...]

Spring 2017 Conference

The Spring 2017 AAPT/APS/ZONE 13 SPS conference was held at San Antonio College, March 9-11, 2017 hosted by the Department of Physics. There were over 150 people attending. … [Read more...]

CAST 2014

TSAAPT members successfully provided 14 sessions for all grade levels at CAST.  A big thank you to all the presenters and booth workers.  It would not be possible without you.   … [Read more...]

Jill Marshall completes term as AAPT President

Jill Marshall handed the AAPT presidential gavel to Steve Iona at the close of the 2014 winter meeting.  It was a time to celebrate her success and also a time to reflect on our dear friend Mary Beth Monroe who would have been next in the presidential chain if she were still with us.  Both of these … [Read more...]

Battery creativity

Saw this and found it to be very intriguing.  http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/168288-folded-paper-lithium-ion-battery-increases-energy-density-by-14-times   … [Read more...]

TSAAPT Fall 2013

The Fall TSAAPT/APS meeting will be held at the University of Texas at Brownsville October 10-12, 2013.  More information coming soon.....put it on your calendar along with CAST in Houston November 7-9, 2013.  We have lots of great sessions lined up for the Physics Strand. … [Read more...]

New PTRA Curriculum: Engineering

The next generation of high school science standards is going to include a fair amount of engineering knowledge and skills, and we in PTRA need to be able to provide training in this important area.  We are starting essentially from scratch, but I bet we've all done engineering or engineering-like … [Read more...]

Physics workshops

Members of TSAAPT always volunteer to provide workshops at CAST and the section meetings in the fall and spring of each year.  If you have not been coming, you have missed out on some fun learning. Contact us for more information   … [Read more...]